About Me

Hey there, this is Utkarsh Shinde, and thank you for checking out my About page.
I am a Web Consultant and I like blogging

I write about everything.
But these blog posts are about Web Design and related technologies

I like to help Web Designers & clients to grow their business.

Actually I started this blog as a hobby and I write about websites, technology, coding, etc.

By Profession, I am Web Consultant and Founder at Darsh Softwares






My Journey to Web Design


I was an average student since school and childhood, I like computers.

After doing HSC( Higher secondary certificate), I took admission in Engineering (BE, Electrical & Electronics) in 2004.

After graduation, doing a job in the Electrical field for 2 years. I decided to switch to the IT & Computer field and did a job at a software company.

I self-learned HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress and start Web Designing… did jobs for international clients 🙂

Finally Founded Web Design Company Darsh Softwares

Other than I practice Sahajayoga( Got Self Realization in 2005). Everything I got is from Sahajayoga and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

My Expertise